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Mortgage Bubble

An old cliché holds that “all good things must come to an end.” Another well-known idiom claims that “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” However, when it comes to the current housing market, neither of these statements passes the proverbial smell test. At least not ...

Study Strategies

With the start of every school year comes several questions for students acclimating to life in a different grade. Will they have new or familiar friends? How will they adjust to their new teachers? What will their workload be like compared to the previous school year? That last question is ...

Investing in Real Estate

Have you ever thought about becoming an investment property owner? Regardless of whether this is something you’ve often pondered or never once thought about, buying and then renting or reselling a piece of real estate can be a financially judicious move. While there may be some risks involved, these are ...